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GIST of Press Releases relating to GST

GIST of Press Releases relating to GST up to 30-11-2017

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S. No. Date Subject
1 05-01-2016 Press Release regarding FM met Officer Trainees of the 67th Batch of IRS (C&CE) on 02-01-2016
2 19-01-2016 Press Release regarding various issues concerning the domestic Medical Devices Sector
3 23-02-2016 O.M. dated 23-02-2016 forwarding a CBEC Press Release (curtain raiser) with regard to Excise Day - 2016
4 04-03-2016 Press release clarifying the doubts of Jewellery industry in the wake of imposition of excise duty
5 18-03-2016 Press release in the context of Excise duty levy on articles of jewellery in the Budget 2016-17
6 21-03-2016 Press release in context of imposition of Central Excise duty on jewellery – Constitution of sub-committee of the High Level Committee
7 29-03-2016 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between National Law School of India University (NLSIU) and Department of Revenue (DoR)
8 30-03-2016 Letter, dated. 29-03-2016, from Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts regarding opening of Banks on 31-03-2016 for conducting Government business
9 30-03-2016 Press release regarding extended bank hours for conducting Govt. business on
31st March, 2016 (Thursday)
10 06-04-2016 Press Release issued on 01-04-2016 on Single Window Project
11 08-04-2016 Simplification of procedure to deal with audit objections raised by CAG
12 22-04-2016 Imposition of Central Excise duty on Jewellery – Constitution of sub-committee of the High Level Committee
13 23-04-2016 Imposition of Central Excise duty on Jewellery– Constitution of sub-committee of the High Level Committee
14 25-04-2016 Press release by CBEC for ‘Litigation Management and Dispute Resolution’
15 25-04-2016 Press release by CBEC for ‘Extension of date for filing of ST3 Returns’
16 27-04-2016 Press Note regarding arrest of a Managing Director for evasion of Service Tax on 26th April, 2016, - Central Excise & Service Tax Commissionerate, Mangalore
17 20-05-2016 Sub-Committee of High level Committee on Central Excise Duty on articles of jewellery
18 26-05-2016 Press Release on Passenger Satisfaction Survey at CSI Airport, Mumbai
19 29-06-2016 Press release regarding taxpayers Survey conducted by CBEC through FICCI and KPMG highlighting ‘Significant Initiatives taken by CBEC’ Annexure-‘Significant Initiatives taken by CBEC’
20 01-07-2016 Press Release on imposition of Central Excise Duty on jewellery – Extension of time limit for taking central excise registration and payment of duty
21 05-07-2016 Press Release on recovery of confirmed demands during the pendency of stay application of duty
22 08-07-2016 Information on Indirect Tax revenue collection for & up to June, 2016
23 13-07-2016 Regarding Sub-Committee of the High Level Committee to interact with Trade & Industry on Tax Laws on issues relating to compliance procedure for the excise duty, including records to be maintained and any other administrative issues that may be relevant.
24 28-07-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 28-07-2016 regarding ‘Simplified Central Excise norms for Jewellery Sector notified’
25 09-08-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 09-08-2016 regarding ‘giving details of indirect tax revenue (provisional) collections during the month July 2016’
26 10-08-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 10-08-2016 regarding ‘Chart showing Indirect revenue collection up to the month of July, 2016’
27 12-08-2016 Constitution of National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF) Order
28 05-09-2016 Facilitation of trade relations and people to people contact between the BBIN countries initiated w.e.f. 05-09-2016
29 12-09-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 12-09-2016 regarding indirect tax revenue (provisional) collections during the month August 2016
30 21-09-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 21-09-2016 regarding FAQ on GST by CBEC
31 10-10-2016 CBEC Press Release on indirect tax revenue collection
32 28-10-2016 CBEC Press Release on First Meeting of National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF)
33 02-11-2016 CBEC Press Release on Udaipur ‘Mandrax Tablets’ seizure by DRI
34 09-11-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 09-11-2016 on Indirect Tax Collections up to October 2016
35 11-11-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 11-11-2016
36 28-11-2016 Press release regarding elimination of physical printouts for customs clearance
37 01-12-2016 Press note regarding a visit of college students to ICD Sanathnagar, under Hyderabad Customs outreach initiative
38 08-12-2016 Press note regarding credit card, debit card, charge card or any other payment card for payment of purchase of goods or services
39 09-12-2016 Press note regarding indirect tax figures for November, 2016
40 09-01-2017 Press note regarding tax figures for December, 2016
41 09-01-2017 Press note regarding migration of Existing Central Excise / Service Tax assessees to GST
42 23-01-2017 Press Release regarding grant of Presidential Award of Appreciation Certificate to the officers of the Customs & Central Excise on the eve of Republic Day, 2017
43 10-02-2017 Press Release dated 10-02-2017 on indirect tax figures for January, 2017
44 20-02-2017 Press Release on GST Outreach programme
45 22-02-2017 Press Release on Annual Central Excise Day-2017
46 23-02-2017 CBEC press release in respect of launch of mobile application Mobile App Cutout - Home Page | Mobile App Cutout - Splash Screen
47 10-03-2017 Press Release on Indirect Tax
48 25-03-2017 Press Release on reorganisation of CBEC field formations for the implementation of GST
49 31-03-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 31-03-2017
50 04-04-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 04-04-2017 on Indirect Tax Collections during the Financial Year, 2016-17.
51 06-04-2017 Seizure of 14 kgs smuggled gold by DRI Kolkata
52 19-05-2017 Press note by Committee of Central Excise and Service Tax, Visakhapatnam
53 22-05-2017 “CBEC Press Release” - comparative analysis of GST Rates with the prevailing tax rates on important commodities
54 23-05-2017 “CBEC Press Release” on Tax Incidence on Entertainment Services under GST
55 25-05-2017 “CBEC Press Release” on comparative analysis of GST Rates with the prevailing tax rates on Important Commodities
56 26-05-2017 CBEC Press Release on ‘GST on Telecom Services’
57 28-05-2017 CBEC Press Release on launch of a new twitter handle
58 13-06-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 13-06-2017 on increased outreach of CBEC in coordination with the State Govts. to reach the last trader
59 14-06-2017 Carry Forward of unavailed Cenvat Credit in respect of assignment of right to use any natural resource under GST--reg.
60 15-06-2017 Reduced Tax Liabilities under GST regime in comparison to present combined Indirect Tax rates
61 15-06-2017 Reduced Liability of Tax on complex, building, flat etc. under GST
62 16-06-2017 Press release regarding Tax incidence dated 16-06-2017
63 18-06-2017 Press release regarding return filing
64 02-07-2017 Press release on GST Implementation
65 03-07-2017 Press release on Abolishment of Check Posts.
66 04-07-2017 Press release on GST rate for specified items for Physically Challenged Persons
67 04-07-2017 Press release on GST-KI-Master Class
68 05-07-2017 Press Release dated 05-07-2017 regarding meaning of registered brand name in the context of GST rates
69 07-07-2017 Press Release dated 07-07-2017 on “Education”.
70 07-07-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 07-07-2017 on GST Rate Finder
71 08-07-2017 Clarification on migration, new registration, opting for composition scheme, and issue of Bills of supply
72 08-07-2017 Jammu & Kashmir Joins GST
73 10-07-2017 GST on Gifts
74 10-07-2017 GST Rates on Sanitary Napkins
75 11-07-2017 GST on Free Food Supplied by Religious Places
76 13-07-2017 Services provided by RWA (Resident Welfare Association) / Housing Society
77 13-07-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 13-07-2017 on Lodging in Hostels
78 13-07-2017 Clarification on Tax in Reverse Charge on Gold Ornaments
79 15-07-2017 Applicability of margin scheme under GST on old & used bottles
80 15-07-2017 Provisions related to registration in GST regime
81 15-07-2017 Press Release dated 15-07-2017 on - “Legal Services”
82 17-07-2017 Increase in the compensation cess on Cigarettes
83 18-07-2017 Clarification on GST rates on hotel accommodation
84 22-07-2017 Concerns of the taxpayers arising from transition to the GST regime
85 21-07-2017 Visit of The SG WCO
86 25-07-2017 National Anti-profiteering Authority under GST
87 25-07-2017 The GST Saga
88 07-08-2017 Compensation Cess on Motor Vehicle
89 17-08-2017 On clarification regarding availability of transitional credit for GST
90 17-08-2017 Press Release for Extension of GSTR FORM 3B
91 19-08-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 19-08-2017 on -” LAST DATE FOR PAYMENT OF GST AND FILING OF RETURN FOR JULY 2017 EXTENDED BY 5 DAYS”
92 23-08-2017 Press release on Selling of Space for advertisement in print media
93 25-08-2017 Guidance for taxpayers in relation to GST
94 29-08-2017 CBEC Press Release Dated 29-08-2017 on “GST Revenue Figures - July 17
95 30-08-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 30-08-2017 on - “GST (Compensation to States) Act 2017”
96 31-08-2017 Rajaswa Gyan Sangam 2017
97 02-09-2017 Regarding late fee for Taxpayers
98 20-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 20-09-2017 on - “On Branded Food Products & Actionable Claim” , for taking necessary action.
99 22-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 22-09-2017 on Clarification About Transition Credit
100 22-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 22-09-2017 on Blockage of working capital of Exporters
101 22-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 22-09-2017 on - “Branded Food Products & actionable claim”.
102 26-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 26-09-2017 on “GST Revenue Figures -September 17”.
103 28-09-2017 Payment of Service Tax in Transitional Period.
104 03-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 29-09-2017 on “Extending Facility of LUT to more exporters.”
105 03-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 03-10-2017 clarification on - “Pricing of Petro Products”
106 09-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 09-10-2017 on Last Date for GSTR-1 filing
107 11-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 11-10-2017 on - Petroleum & Oil Sector
108 12-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 12-10-2017 on - issues pertaining to motor vehicles
109 17-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 17-10-2017 on - “Measures taken to reduce the pendency of cases with the Commr. (Appeal)” , for taking necessary action.
110 24-10-2017 Press Release on Waiver of late fee on filing of GSTR-3B for August and September, 2017
111 24-10-2017 Press Release on GST Revenue Figures as on 23rd October, 2017
112 30-10-2017 Last date for filing GSTR-2 & GSTR-3
113 10-11-2017 Press release with respect to policy issues recommended in 23rd GST Council Meeting
114 10-11-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 10-11-2017 on - “Recommendations made by the GST Council in the 23rd meeting at Guwahati on 10-11-2017”
115 10-11-2017 CBEC Press Release on GST Rate Changes.
116 10-11-2017 Press Release on Changes recommended in Composition Scheme.
117 10-11-2017 Press Release on Recommendations made by the GST Council on GST Rate Changes in the 23rd meeting at Guwahati on 10-11-2017
118 13-11-2017 Accepting of UIN of Foreign Diplomatic Missions / Suppliers.
119 13-11-2017 Acceptance of Unique Identity Number of Foreign Diplomatic Missions / UNO while making sales or supplies
120 16-11-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 16-11-2017 on - “after Notf. on GST Rate Changes”
121 20-11-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 20.11.2017 on -- "Appeal to Industry leaders to pass the benefit of GST Rate Reduction to the Consumers"
122 29-11-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 29.11.2017 on -- "GST Refund"
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