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GST Review March-2022

From the President

Aalok Mehta
Dear Friends, It was the time when there was no electricity, radio, television, computer, internet, vehicles, etc and people work with their hands so doing this they waste a lot of time in their works. But after the Industrialization, their life fully changes. Those work which takes a lot of time and now easily done in minutes. Industrial Revolution makes human life more advance and luxurious. Many people in the world enjoy the benefits of Industrialization. Humans of this generation do less labour than the previous generation. A large number of people enjoy good health facilities, good education, travel, a life which is never possible without Industrialization. Industrial development also plays a very important role in providing employment and increasing the economy of the country. The progress of a country is to a great extent measured by its industrial development. To be a strong power in the world, a country needs to be industrially advanced too. Although.......