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GST Review October-2021


Dhaval Talati
From Markets to Maharaja: Indian Economy Finally Takes Off After Pandemic Turbulence After 18 months of pandemic-caused turbulence, the Indian economy is showing signs of bouncing back ahead of the festive season, the revival reflecting in upbeat projections by global financial institutions, increased factory output, a bullish stock market, blockbuster IPOs, decline in unemployment rate, increasing foreign investment and easing inflation. The Finance Ministry’s Monthly Economic Review credits the revival to strategic reforms and the pace of Covid-19 vaccination drive in the country. “India is well-placed on the path to swift recovery with growth impulses visibly transmitted to all sectors of the economy… Strategic reforms undertaken so far along with new milestones in vaccination drive have enabled the economy to navigate the ravaging waves of the Covid-19 pandemic,” it said. As per global projections, India will retain .......