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GST Review October-2021

From the President

Aalok Mehta
Dear Members, The International Day for Elderly People, is an annual holiday that is held on October 1. The holiday is around with the purpose of supporting the elderly and helping to raise awareness about various issues that surround the elderly in today’s society. The holiday is to be honoured around the entire world as a means of promoting the need to help today’s elderly population and to improve the lives of people who are aging and need added assistance with keeping their lives healthy and positive. The International Day for Elderly People was organized to help with promoting a need to handle various issues that the elderly has. Part of this includes making the world more accessible to all people. This is especially as people are expected to live longer in the future. The event is celebrated by bringing awareness to many topics. This includes a clear look at how well people are aging and how they are being given access to different servi.......